Resource Browser Examples

Uploading an icon to a styles folder

To upload a file to the global styles folder:

  1. Use Resource Browser to select / ‣ styles in the resource tree.


    Resource Browser styles folder

  2. Click Upload button to open Upload a Resource dialog.

  3. Use Browse to select a file from the local file system.


    Upload icon to styles folder

  4. Press OK to upload the file.


    Resource Browser icon

Creating a control-flow configuration file

Many extensions, such as Control flow module, are managed using a configuration file.

To create a file:

  1. Use Resource Browser to select the root / folder in the resource tree.

    This can be tricky as the label is not very long.


    Resource Browser root folder

  2. Click New resource button to open Edit a Resource dialog.

    • Resource:

    • Content: file contents

      # if a request waits in queue for more than 60 seconds it's not worth
      # executing, the client will  likely have given up by then
      # don't allow the execution of more than 100 requests total in parallel
      # don't allow more than 10 GetMap in parallel
      # don't allow more than 4 outputs with Excel output as it's memory bound
      # don't allow a single user to perform more than 6 requests in parallel
      # (6 being the Firefox default concurrency level at the time of writing)
      # don't allow the execution of more than 16 tile requests in parallel
      # (assuming a server with 4 cores, GWC empirical tests show that throughput
      # peaks up at 4 x number of cores. Adjust as appropriate to your system)
  3. Press OK to create the resource.


    Edit a Resource