Resource Browser

The Resource Browser provides a tree showing configuration folders, along with actions to edit and manage resources.


Resource Browser

User interface elements:

  • Resource tree is used to explore configuration folders and resource items.

  • Upload uploads files to GeoServer. Select a directory to enable this tool.


    Upload a resource

  • Download is used to download a selected resource from GeoServer as a file.

  • New resource creates a new text file in the selected directory. The Edit Resource dialog is used to record the resource location, and the contents.


    Edit a Resource (New File)

  • Edit a selected resource.


    Edit a Resource (Existing File)

  • Use Cut, Copy, and Paste to move resources between folders.


    Paste a Resource

  • Rename to rename a selected resource.


    Rename a Resource

  • Delete to remove a selected resource.


    Delete a resource

Before you start

The resource browser is used to manage configuration resources in environments that do not provide direct disk access:

  • When running GeoServer on a remote machine it can be difficult mange the icons and fonts used for effective styling

  • Some cloud deployments of GeoServer operate without a data directory. In these environments the resource browser is used to manage items stored in a database or cloud storage rather than a file system.

  • Folders are visual only, when creating or uploading a resource you can type a path and folders will be created as needed.


Please use this tool with caution:

  • Configuration files managed by the web administration application can be reviewed and even modified using this tool.

  • It is not advised to edit these files directly as GeoServer must reload its Catalog to notice these changes.