A directive is a CSS top level declaration that allows control of some aspects of the stylesheet application or translation to SLD. All directives are declared at the beginning of the CSS sheet and follow the same syntax:

@name value;

For example:

@mode 'Flat';
@styleTitle 'The title;
@styleAbstract 'This is a longer description'

* {
  stroke: black

[cat = 10] {
  stroke: yellow; stroke-width: 10

Supported directives

Directive Type Meaning Accepts Expression?
mode String, Exclusive, Simple, Auto, Flat Controls how the CSS is translated to SLD. Exclusive, Simple and Auto are cascaded modes, Flat turns off cascading and has the CSS behave like a simplified syntax SLD sheet. See Understanding Cascading in CSS for an explanation of how the various modes work false
styleTitle String The generated SLD style title No
styleAbstract String The generated SLD style abstract/description No