i18N in SLD

This section describes how to specify metadata (titles and abstracts) in different languages in SLD documents.

Metadata in different languages

GeoServer extends Title and Abstract sections, so that text in different languages can be included.

This is an example of the syntax to use:

<Title>This is the default title
  <Localized lang="en">English title</Localized>
  <Localized lang="it">Titolo in italiano</Localized>

A default text (This is the default title in the example) and a set of Localized sections, one for each language that you want to support.

Each Localized section specifies the language (using a two letter abbreviation in the lang attribute) and the related text.

Currently, GeoServer supports localized text in SLD in WMS GetLegendGraphic requests (legends that contain labels are rendered using the requested language, if a LANGUAGE parameter is added to the request, e.g. LANGUAGE=it).