MBStyle references

As MBstyle is heavily modeled on JSON, it may be useful to refer to the JSON-Schema documentation for basic syntax.

Mapbox Style Specification

For an extended reference to these styles check out the Mapbox Style Specifications.

GeoTools MBStyle extension

The implementation used by GeoServer is documented here. The GeoTools project is responsible for the parser/encoder to convert between Mapbox Styles and GeoServer style objects.

This documentation is actively maintained and matches the capabilities in GeoServer:

When reading the above reference keep in mind the specification is written in an additive fashion, where new features are documented along with the version number range for which they are supported.

As an example the basic functionality of background-color support is added in GeoTools 23.0, as shown in the following table:





basic functionality

>= 0.10.0

Not yet supported

>= 2.4.0