This section provides access to security settings related to data management and Layer security. Data access is granted to roles, and roles are granted to users and groups.


There are two rules available by default, but they don’t provide any restrictions on access by default. The first rule *.*.r, applied to all roles, states that any operation in any resource in any workspace can be read. The second rule, *.*.w, also applied to all roles, says the same for write access.


Rules for data access

Clicking an existing rule will open it for editing, while clicking the Add a new rule link will create a new rule.


Creating a new rule


Editing a layer group rule



Global layer group rule

If checked, switches the editor to create/edit a rule about a global layer group (and will remove the layer configuration as a result)


Sets the allowed workspace for this rule. Options are * (all workspaces), or the name of each workspace.

Layer and groups

Sets the allowed layer/groups for this rule. Options are * (all layers/groups in the chosen workspace), or the name of each layer in the above workspace. Will be disabled until the workspace is set.

Access mode

Specifies whether the rule refers to either Read or Write mode

Grant access to any role

If selected, the rule will apply to all roles, with no need to specify

Role list

Full list of roles, including a list of roles to which the rule is associated. Association can be toggled here via the arrow buttons. This option is not applied if Grant access to any role is checked.

Add a new role

Shortcut to adding a new role

Catalog Mode

This mode configures how GeoServer will advertise secured layers and behave when a secured layer is accessed without the necessary privileges. There are three options: HIDE, MIXED, and CHALLENGE. For further information on these options, please see the section on Layer security.


Catalog mode

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