CSRF Protection

The GeoServer web admin employs a CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) protection filter that will block any form submissions that didn’t appear to originate from GeoServer. This can sometimes cause problems for certain proxy configurations.


Symptoms of this problem may include the WPS request builder (and other wicket pages) failing with an HTTP status of 403 and the message “Origin does not correspond to request”. However, you may need to view the page response in a debugger to see this, to the end user it will appear as if the form section of the page is just missing.

To allow-list your proxy with the CSRF filter, you can use the GEOSERVER_CSRF_WHITELIST property. This property is a comma-separated list of domains, of the form <domainname>.<TLD>, and can contain a subdomains. Alternatively, you can disable the CSRF filter by setting the GEOSERVER_CSRF_DISABLED property to true.

Each of these properties is set through one of the standard means:

  • web.xml

  • System property

  • Environment variable

    export GEOSERVER_CSRF_WHITELIST=example.org
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