Installing the WPS extension

The WPS module is not a part of GeoServer core, but instead must be installed as an extension. To install WPS:

  1. Navigate to the GeoServer download page.

  2. Find the page that matches the exact version of GeoServer you are running.


    Be sure to match the version of the extension with that of GeoServer, otherwise errors will occur.

  3. Download the WPS extension:

    The download link for WPS will be in the Extensions section under Other.

  4. Extract the files in this archive to the WEB-INF/lib directory of your GeoServer installation.

  5. Restart GeoServer.

After restarting, load the Web administration interface. If the extension loaded properly, you should see an extra entry for WPS in the Service Capabilities column. If you don’t see this entry, check the logs for errors.


A link for the WPS capabilities document will display if installed properly

Configuring WPS

WPS processes are subject to the same feature limit as the WFS service. The limit applies to process input, so even processes which summarize data and return few results will be affected if applied to very large datasets. The limit is set on the WFS settings Admin page.


If the limit is encountered during process execution, no error is given. Any results computed by the process may be incomplete