INSPIRE metadata configuration using metadata and CSW

The INSPIRE directive requires exposure of fairly complex metadata schemes based on the ISO Metadata Profile. This exposure is supported by the built-in Catalog Services for the Web (CSW) service (can be harvested by GeoNetwork), while the Metadata community module allows adding any amount of customized metadata fields to layers that may be required for your particular case.

Creating all the needed configuration files in both modules can be a tedious task. Therefore we have added this example configuration.

Metadata configuration

Place the following files in the metadata folder:

UI configuration metadata-ui.yaml

Translate keys to labels

Translate keys to Dutch labels

Content for gemet-concept dropdown keyword-gemet-concept.csv

Content for reference-system requirebox keyword-gemet-concept.csv

Content for inspire-theme-label & inspire-theme-ref keyword-inspire-theme.csv

Geonetwork mapping metadata-mapping.yaml

Namespaces for geonetwork mapping metadata-mapping.yaml

Geonetwork endpoints metadata-geonetwork.yaml

Synchronize native fields metadata-native-mapping.yaml

Open any layer: navigate to Layers ‣ Choose the layer ‣ Metadata tab.

The metadata fields are available in the panel Metadata fields.

You may now add custom metadata to your layers.

CSW configuration

Map metadata attributes to xml

Map Feature Catalogue attributes to xml

Map Record attributes to xml

You may now see your custom metadata exposed by the built-in CSW service:


GeoNetwork configuration

Create a GeoNetwork CSW harvester that points to your to Geoserver’s CSW endpoint:


You may now start harvesting!