Non Standard AUTO Namespace

The WMS standard supports a small number of “automatic” coordinate reference systems that include a user-selected centre of projection. These are specified using:


for example:



in GeoServer 2.8.x AUTO and AUTO2 namespaces are treated identically.


in GeoServer 2.8.x the factor parameter in the AUTO namespace is ignored. The BBOX parameter to GetMap must therefore be specified in metres.

The WMS standard provide projections with IDs in the range 42001 to 42005.

ID Projection
42001 Universal Transverse Mercator
42002 Transverse Mercator
42003 Orthographic
42004 Equirectangular
42005 Mollweide (not supported in GeoServer 2.8.x)

GeoServer also supports some non-standard coordinate reference systems. These are

ID Projection
97001 Gnomonic
97002 Stereographic


the auto stereographic projection uses a sphere. It does this by setting the semi minor axis to the same value as the semi major axis.