Installing the Monitor Extension


If performing an upgrade of the monitor extension please see Upgrading.

The monitor extension is not part of the GeoServer core and must be installed as a plug-in. To install:

  1. Visit the website download page, locate your release, and download:

    The download link will be in the Extensions section under Other.


    Make sure to match the version of the extension (for example 2.26-SNAPSHOT above) to the version of the GeoServer instance!

  2. Extract the files in this archive to the WEB-INF/lib directory of your GeoServer installation.

  3. Restart GeoServer

Verifying the Installation

There are two ways to verify that the monitoring extension has been properly installed.

  1. Start GeoServer and open the Web administration interface. Log in using the administration account. If successfully installed, there will be a Monitor section on the left column of the home page.


Monitoring section in the web admin interface

  1. Start GeoServer and navigate to the current GeoServer data directory. If successfully installed, a new directory named monitoring will be created in the data directory.