GeoFence promoted to extension since version 2.15

Geofence modules were community modules up to Geoserver version 2.14. Geofence modules were promoted to extensions since version 2.15 (see GSIP 164 - Promote geofence modules from Community to Extension.

Up to Geoserver version 2.14, Geofence can be downloaded from Geoserver build server.

Installing the GeoServer GeoFence Server extension

  1. Navigate to the GeoServer download page.

  2. Find the page that matches the version of the running GeoServer.

  3. Download the GeoFence extension. The download link will be in the Extensions section under Other.

  4. Extract the files in this archive to the WEB-INF/lib directory of your GeoServer installation.


    By default GeoFence will store this data in a H2 database and the database schema will be automatically managed by Hibernate. The GeoFence documentation explains how to configure a different backed database and configure Hibernate behavior.

  5. Restart GeoServer