Configuring the GeoServer OGC API module

The OGC API modules provide additional services along side the existing Open Web Services (OWS).


The OGC API modules primarily use the same configurations as their equivalent OWS services. So, for example, setting the WFS limited SRS list will also limit the SRS list for OGC API - Features.

In addition, the OGC API modules will have some unique configuration options.


  • Data security: Data security is managed independently of web service. The same data security restrictions placed on a workspace or layer content are enforced for both OWS services and OGC API web services

  • Service security: OGC API web services are managed directly in Security > Services page. New access rules can be defined for OGC API services.


    Service rule for OGC API Features getLandingPage


OGCAPI web services provides a collections resource describing the published content.

As an example OGC API - Features collections lists:

  • links: Links and metadata

  • collections: List of individual collections available

  • crs: List of coordinate reference systems defined by WFS settings

Single collection

Each GeoServer layer is published is represented in OGC API as a single collection.

As an example OGC API - Features collections lists:

  • id: Layer name

  • title: Layer title

  • description: Layer abstract

  • extent: Layer bounds

  • links: Links to access content and metadata

  • crs

  • storageCrs