MBTiles Output Format

MBTiles WMS Output Format

Any WMS GetMap request can be returned in the form of a Geopackage by specifying format=mbtiles as output format (see WMS output formats). The returned result will be an MBTiles file with a single tile layer.

The following additional parameters can be passed on using format_options:
  • tileset_name: name to be used for tileset in mbtiles file (default is name of layer(s)).
  • min_zoom, max_zoom, min_column, max_column, min_row, max_row: set the minimum and maximum zoom level, column, and rows
  • gridset: name of gridset to use (otherwise default for CRS is used)

MBTiles WPS Process

It is possible to generate an mbtiles file by calling the WPS process gs:MBTiles. This process requires the following parameters:

  • layername: Name of the input layer.
  • format : format of the final images composing the file.
  • minZoom, maxZoom, minColumn, maxColumn, minRow, maxRow: (Optional) set the minimum and maximum zoom level, column, and rows.
  • boundingbox: (Optional) Bounding box of the final mbtiles. If CRS is not set, the layer native one is used.
  • path: (Optional) path of the directory where the mbtiles file is stored.
  • filename: (Optional) name of the mbtiles file created.
  • bgColor: (Optional) value associated to the background colour.
  • transparency: (Optional) parameter indicating if the transparency must be present.
  • stylename, stylepath, stylebody: (Optional) style to associate to the layer. Only one of these 3 parameters can be used.

The process returns an URL containing the path of the generated file.