Installing KeycloakΒΆ

To install the keycloak module:

  1. To obtain the keycloak community module:

    • If working with a 2.24-SNAPSHOT nightly build, download the module:

      Verify that the version number in the filename corresponds to the version of GeoServer you are running (for example 2.24-SNAPSHOT above).

    • Community modules are not yet ready for distribution with GeoServer release.

      To compile the keycloak community module yourself download the src bundle for your GeoServer version and compile:

      cd src/community
      mvn install -PcommunityRelease -DskipTests

      And package:

      cd src/community
      mvn assembly:single -N
  2. Place the JARs in WEB-INF/lib.

  3. Restart GeoServer.