Maven Eclipse Plugin Quickstart

This guide is designed to get developers up and running as quick as possible. For a more comprehensive guide see the Eclipse Guide.

Check out source code

Check out the source code from the git repository.:

git clone geoserver

To list the available branches.:

% git branch
 * main

Choose main for the latest development.:

% git checkout main

Or choose a stable branch for versions less likely to change often:

% git checkout 2.22.x

In this example we will assume that your source code is in a directory called geoserver, but a more descriptive name is generally recommended.

Generate Eclipse project files with Maven

Generate the eclipse .project and .classpath files:

mvn eclipse:eclipse

Import modules into Eclipse

  1. Run the Eclipse IDE

  2. Open the Eclipse Preferences

  3. Navigate to Java, Build Path, Classpath Variables and click New...

  4. Create a classpath variable named “M2_REPO” and set the value to the location of the local Maven repository, and click Ok

  5. Click Ok to apply the new Eclipse preferences

  6. Right-click in the Package Explorer and click Import...

  7. Select General, Existing Projects into Workspace and click Next. (Do not make the mistake of importing Maven, Existing Maven Projects!)

  8. Navigate to the geoserver/src directory

  9. Ensure all modules are selected and click Finish


Run GeoServer from Eclipse

  1. From the Package Explorer select the web-app module

  2. Navigate to the org.geoserver.web package

  3. Right-click the Start class and navigate to Run as, Java Application

  4. After running the first time you can return to the Run Configurations dialog to fine tune your launch environment (including setting a GEOSERVER_DATA_DIR).


If you already have a server running on localhost:8080 see the Eclipse Guide for instructions on changing to a different port.

Run GeoServer with Extensions

The above instructions assume you want to run GeoServer without any extensions enabled. In cases where you do need certain extensions, the web-app module declares a number of profiles that will enable specific extensions when running Start. To enable an extension, re-generate the root eclipse profile with the appropriate maven profile(s) enabled:

% mvn eclipse:eclipse -P wps

The full list of supported profiles can be found in src/web/app/pom.xml.

Access GeoServer front page