Service Providers

Service providers are an important part of GeoServer community, thank you for helping GeoServer reach a larger audience. Just as open source is a part of your success, your participation and investment is fundamental to the GeoServer project’s sustainability.

The PSC manages:

In addition:

  • Project sponsorship is another way to increase visibility, with specific activities available to sponsor throughout the year. Financial support is also recognized on the osgeo sponsor page.

Service Provider checklist

To recognizing experienced providers and core contributors consistently we have developed the following checklist.

Core contributors: take responsibility for the project, meeting all three core responsibilities:

  • core demonstrating an ongoing responsibility: security email list, releases, supported extension

  • committer active development: geoserver-devel, review of pull-requests, assigned jira tickets, development activities such bug-stomps and sprint participation

  • support sustained community support: geoserver-user, review of jira,, something!

Experienced providers: work on GeoServer when hired by customers but are not always active, demonstrating experience with a selection of the following checklist labels:

  • development feature development: examples GISP proposal, community module

  • coding work on java code, bug fix, signed code contribution agreement

  • documentation contributions to user guide or similar

  • translation helped out translation of application or user guide

  • outreach public presentations of geoserver at foss4g and regional events, public writing such as blog posts, podcast etc…

  • training link to your geoserver training page

  • services link to your geoserver consulting or services page

  • product link to a geoserver based product

Service provider:

  • Ask to be listed

  • Provide a text description and icon.

    Please write description of services offered in third-person (as this text is part of the GeoServer website describing you)

Adding a Service Provider

To apply to be listed on the service-provider page:

  1. Please email the developers list with your request to be listed.

    We will need your company logo, and short blurb on how you wish to be described.

  2. To save time make a pull-request to directly.

    Navigate to support page and use the Edit option to edit the page - adding an entry similar to:

    <div class="row tbl">
        <div class="col-xs-2 cell text-center">
            <img src="img/madmaps-logo.png" width="52" height="52"></img>
        <div class="col-xs-10">
            <a href="">Mad Maps, Inc</a> is located in the Pacific Northwest along the famous I5 Interstate and they know how to map. Mad Maps provides creative mapping solutions powered by the open-source available: GeoServer, PostGIS, QGIS and more!

    For step-by-step instructions on editing in directly in GitHub see documentation guide quickfix instructions.

  3. You may also wish to vist and follow the instructions to add a service provider page for your organization.

Experienced Providers:

  1. Please email the developers list with your request to be listed, or attend one of the bi-weekly meetings announced on the developer list.

  2. Help us out by including the checklist in your email with some links demonstrating your experience and expertise:

Core Contributors:

  1. Please email the developers list with your request to be listed, or attend one of the bi-weekly meetings announced on the developer list.

  2. By the time you ask your service provider checklist should already demonstrate a sustained participation in the GeoServer community.

  3. Remember to add a service provider page on the osgeo website so you can be listed as a core contributor on our project page.