GeoPackage is an SQLite based standard format that is able to hold multiple vector and raster data layers in a single file.

GeoPackage files can be used both as Raster Data Stores as well as Vector Data Stores (so that both kinds of layers can published).

Adding a GeoPackage Vector Data Store

When the extension has been installed, GeoPackage will be an option in the Vector Data Sources list when creating a new data store.


GeoPackage in the list of vector data stores


Configuring a GeoPackage Vector data store




URI specifying geopackage file.


User to access database.


Password to access database.


Namespace to be associated with the database. This field is altered by changing the workspace name.

max connections

Maximum amount of open connections to the database.

min connections

Minimum number of pooled connections.

fetch size

Number of records read with each interaction with the database.

Connection timeout

Time (in seconds) the connection pool will wait before timing out.

validate connections

Checks the connection is alive before using it.

When finished, click Save.