GeoServer roles are keys associated with performing certain tasks or accessing particular resources. Roles are assigned to users and groups, authorizing them to perform the actions associated with the role. A GeoServer role includes the following:

  • Role name

  • Parent role

  • Set of key/value pairs

GeoServer roles support inheritance—a child role inherits all the access granted to the parent role. For example, suppose you have one role named ROLE_SECRET and another role, ROLE_VERY_SECRET, that extends ROLE_SECRET. ROLE_VERY_SECRET can access everything ROLE_SECRET can access, but not vice versa.

Key/value pairs are implementation-specific and may be configured by the role service the user or group belongs to. For example, a role service that assigns roles based on employee organization may wish to associate additional information with the role such as Department Name.

GeoServer has a number of system roles, the names of which are reserved. Adding a new GeoServer role with reserved name is not permitted.

  • ROLE_ADMINISTRATOR—Provides access to all operations and resources

  • ROLE_GROUP_ADMIN—Special role for administrating user groups

  • ROLE_AUTHENTICATED—Assigned to every user authenticating successfully

  • ROLE_ANONYMOUS—Assigned if anonymous authentication is enabled and user does not log on