Publishing a Layer Group

This tutorial walks through the steps of publishing a layer group combing several layers into a basemap.


This tutorial assumes that GeoServer is running at http://localhost:8080/geoserver.

Data preparation

First let’s gather that the data that we’ll be publishing.

  1. Complete the previous tutorials:

Create a layer group

  1. Navigate to Data > Layer Group page.


    Layer Groups

  2. This page displays a list of layer groups, workspace that the group belongs to.


    Layer groups are allowed to be “global” allowing a map to be created combing layers from several workspaces into a single visual.

  3. At the top of the list Layer Groups locate and click the Add new layer group link.

  4. The Layer group editor defines

    • Basic Resource Info - describes how the layer is presented to others

    • Coordinate Reference System - establishes how the spatial data is to be interpreted or drawn on the world

    • Bounding Boxes - establishes where the dataset is located in the world

    • Layers - the layers to be drawn (listed in draw order)

  5. Locate Basic Resource Info and define the layer:






    Plain basemap suitable as a backdrop for geospatial data.




    Basic resource information

  6. Scroll down to the Layers list which is presently empty.

  7. Click Add Layer link, select the tutorial:shaded layer first.

    The raster should be drawn first, as other content will be shown over top of it.

  8. Click Add Layer link, select the tutorial:countries layer second.

    This polygon layer will be drawn second.

  9. Locate the tutorial:countries layer in the list and click the Style entry to change polygon to line.

    By drawing only the outline of the countries the shaded relief can show through.


    Layer group layers in drawing order

  10. Locate the Coordiante Reference Systems and press Generate Bounds.

    Now that layers are listed we they can be used to determine the corodinate reference system and bounds of the layer group.


    Coordinate Reference Systems

  11. Press Save complete your layer group.

Previewing the layer

In order to verify that the tutorial:basemap layer is published correctly, we can preview the layer.

  1. Navigate to the Data > Layer Preview page and find the tutorial:basemap layer.


    Use the Search field with tutorial as shown to limit the number of layers to page through.

  2. Click the OpenLayers link in the Common Formats column.

  3. An OpenLayers map will load in a new tab. This preview is used to zoom and pan around the dataset, as well as display the attributes of features.


    Preview basemap