OGC API ExtensionΒΆ

This plugin includes implementation of a set of OGC API service implementations


The OGC API services are still in heavy development, most of the specs and extensions are still in draft form and their behavior is likely to change in the next months/year.

How to help

The modules are still in their infancy, there is a set of activities that could help their development:

  • Implementation of additional draft API services, such as the Maps API, the Coverages API, the Records API and the Process API.

  • Implementation of new draft extensions not yet covered, like the OGC Features API Transaction extension.

  • Improvement of the HTML representation of resources, both in terms of looks and functionality (the specification makes no mandate for them, so they are free to implement as we see fit).

  • Testing and improvement of the OpenAPI documents generated by each service, with particular focus on automatic generation of clients.

  • General testing, reporting and bug fixing.