Global variables affecting WMS

This document details the set of global variables that can affect WMS behaviour. Each global variable can be set as an environment variable, as a servlet context variable, or as a Java system property, just like the well known GEOSERVER_DATA_DIR setting. Refer to Setting the data directory location for details on how a global variable can be specified.


A integer number (defaults to 20) When drawing a style containing multiple active rules the renderer combines the filters of the rules in OR and adds them to the standard bounding box filter. This behaviour is active up until the maximum number of filter rules is reached, past that the rule filters are no more added to avoid huge queries. By default up to 20 rules are combined, past 20 rules only the bounding box filter is used. Turning it off (setting it to 0) can be useful if the styles are mostly classifications, detrimental if the rule filters are actually filtering a good amount of data out.


Can be true or false (defaults to: false). When true any stroke whose width is less than 1.5 pixels gets slimmed down to “zero”, which is actually not zero, but a very thin line. That was the behaviour GeoServer used to default to before the 2.0 series. When false the stroke width is not modified and it’s possible to specify widths less than one pixel. This is the default behaviour starting from the 2.0.0 release


Can be true or false (defaults to: false). When true the JSONP (text/javascript) output format is enabled.