Disk Quotas

The Disk Quotas page manages the disk usage for cached tiles and allows you to set the global disk quota. Individual layer quotas can be set in the layer’s properties page.

By default, disk usage for cached tiles is unbounded. However, this can cause disk capacity issues, especially when using Direct WMS integration (see Disk Quotas for more on this). Setting a disk quota establishes disk usage limits.

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Disk quota

Enable disk quota

When enabled, the disk quota will be set according to the options listed below. The setting is disabled by default.

Disk quota check frequency

This setting determines how often the cache is polled for any overage. Smaller values (more frequent polling) will slightly increase disk activity, but larger values (less frequent polling) may cause the disk quota to be temporarily exceeded. The default is 10 seconds.

Maximum tile cache size

The maximum size for the cache. When this value is exceeded and the cache is polled, tiles will be removed according to the policy. Note that the unit options are mebibytes (MiB) (approx. 1.05MB), gibibytes (GiB) (approx. 1.07GB), and tebibytes (TiB) (approx. 1.10TB). Default is 500 MiB.

The graphic below this setting illustrates the size of the cache relative to the disk quota.

Tile removal policy

When the disk quota is exceeded, this policy determines how the tiles to be deleted are identified. Options are Least Frequently Used (removes tiles based on how often the tile was accessed) or Least Recently Used (removes tiles based on date of last access). The optimum configuration is dependent on your data and server usage.

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