Installing the OpenSearch for EO module

The installation of the module requires four steps:

  • Setting up a PostGIS database with the required schema

  • Install the OpenSearch for EO plugin and configure it

  • Fill the database with information about collection and metadata

Setting up the PostGIS database

Create a PostgreSQL database and run the following SQL script:

Downloading and installing the OpenSearch extension

The module is a community one, and thus available among the nightly builds of the desired series (the module works for 2.12.x onwards):

  • Check the download page <> for the desired series (development, stable or maintenance)

  • Follow the nightly build links

  • Check the community-latest folder

  • Download the geoserver-<VERSION> file, and unzip its contents in the GeoServer unpacked WAR lib directory, e.g., “geoserver/WEB-INF/lib”

  • Restart GeoServer


    The GeoServer home page after the OpenSearch for EO module installation.