Installing the OpenSearch for EO module

The installation of the module requires four steps:

  • Setting up a PostGIS database with the required schema
  • Install the OpenSearch for EO plugin and configure it
  • Fill the database with information about collection and metadata

Setting up the PostGIS database

Create a PostgreSQL database and run the following SQL script:

Downloading and installing the OpenSearch extension

The module is a community one, and thus available among the nightly builds of the desired series (the module works for 2.12.x onwards):

  • Check the download page <> for the desired series (development, stable or maintenance)

  • Follow the nightly build links

  • Check the community-latest folder

  • Download the geoserver-<VERSION> file, and unzip its contents in the GeoServer unpacked WAR lib directory, e.g., “geoserver/WEB-INF/lib”

  • Restart GeoServer


    The GeoServer home page after the OpenSearch for EO module installation.

Configuring the OpenSearch module

The OpenSearch module needs to know upon which database perform the searches.

Follow these steps:

  • Setup a standard PostGIS database pointing to the database and schema created above from the SQL file. Note down the full name of the store (e.g. test:metadata where test is the workspace and metadata is the store name). Besides filling the connection parameters, remember to set “expose primary keys” to true.

  • Create a new store of type “JDBC based OpenSearch store” and configure the fully qualified name of the basic PostGIS store in its “store” parameter.

  • Go into the “OS-EO” service configuration page and configure the “OpenSearch” store